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Laser Tattoo Removal Cost & GUARANTEE

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How much does it cost?

Package Deals

During your consultation your tattoos age - colour, skin type etc will be taken into account and a package will be worked out for you.


This means you will be told the number of sessions you should expect to have the result you desire.


Should you pay for the entire course and you still have some ink left once your course has been completed.


You will be treated for 6 months free - see below

Laser Tattoo Removal GUARANTEE

An cost will be decided for you at a consultation & patch test however, to make it easier to judge an approximate cost have a look at the following:


If you can cover your tattoo with a credit card it will cost £30


If it takes two credit cards to cover your tattoo it will cost £55


If it takes three credit cards to cover your tattoo it will cost £80


Who says life comes with no guarantees?


When you choose us for laser tattoo removal, you can be confident that the results we promise are the results we deliver.


If you pay for a course, complete the number of treatments we recommend and your tattoo ink is still visible, we will provide free additional laser tattoo removal treatments consistent with our protocols for a period of up to six months following your last paid treatment.


As far as we know, No other salon/clinic in the UK offers such a comprehensive peace of mind guarantee.


You can pay for your treatments at each appointment however, it will be less expensive to pay for a course.


Credit Card facilities available